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Honesty in History
In many places, history has been replaced by "social studies" -- a politically correct rendition of current social issues. When there is history, all too often it is "revisionist" history that looks back through the past to find things to denounce about America or about Western civilization.

'Useful Idiots'
Lenin is supposed to have referred to blind defenders and apologists for the Soviet Union in the Western democracies as "useful idiots." Yet even Lenin might have been surprised at how far these useful idiots would carry their partisanship in later years -- including our own times.

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Student Survival Guide to History
"The study of history over the past one hundred fifty years has reflected many of the worst trends in modern philosophy. The faculty of modern departments of history typically comprises a sampling of these trends, ranging from the good but honestly mistaken to the out-right enemies of reason. Students should be aware of developments in both the content and method of academic history..."

Student Survival Guide to Intellectual History popular!
"Intellectual history is generally understood to be that field of study that combines the 'history of ideas' with 'the study of social history.' Whereas a social history of World War II might look at the distribution of wealth, union activity, or the religious make up of the population, an intellectual history of the same phenomenon might focus on the ideas that led to the rise of Hitler and Nazism, say, and the originators and promulgators of those ideas..."

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The Big Lie in Hollywood The Hollywood Ten Were Not Victims But Villains

Elia Kazan: Moral Hero
Kazan should be applauded for defending individual rights by testifying against Hollywood’s communists.

"History is made by minorities - or, more precisely, history is made by intellectual movements, which are created by minorities. Who belongs to these minorities? Anyone who is able and willing actively to concern himself with intellectual issues. Here, it is not quantity, but quality that counts (the quality - and consistency - of the ideas one is advocating)."

--Ayn Rand

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